Our Services

Bespoke services include:
Financial Control
• Corporate Structure and Administration
• Fund and Wealth Administration
• Pro-active Management
• Family Office Services

Financial Control – accounting, treasury and cash management services. Transparent reporting is agreed with principals and their advisors up to and including arrangements for audited financial statements as necessary.

Corporate Structure and Administrationto private companies, usually part of offshore corporate structures with extensive experience in Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cyprus and Singapore. The Leman team manages company secretarial and administration responsibilities for a variety of companies or groups of companies, including drafting of corporate resolutions, maintaining registers and undertaking regulatory and compliance functions.The provision of registered office, nominee services, directors and officers is offered as necessary. Management team members have also been selected to serve as independent directors.

Fund and Wealth Administration – Structuring and controlling of start-up companies and investment syndicates with experience gained in several jurisdictions. Creation of project overviews includes options for suitable structures, tax and financial reporting requirements and operating costs. Calculation and reporting of investor valuation and tax reporting as required for funds administered.

Pro-active Management – the Leman management team works closely with principals and their advisors to establish, co-ordinate and execute corporate and investment strategies: unbiased and independent review and approval of financial advice from investment advisors; comprehensive and accurate recording and accounting for investment transactions; serving as director of investment management companies.

Family Office Services – including administration of family trusts, co-ordination and execution of investment recommendations and settlement and overseeing of personal and family monthly expenses.